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Customer came to us with his machine getting very hot and cutting off. Reason being over time laptops pull in quite a lot of dust – and it gets trapped around the heatsinks and fan. Also the thermal paste laptop manufactures tend to use is very cheap – as a result its not too effective long term and dries out quickly. We clean out this old paste and reapply Arctic Cooling’s MX-4 which is high performance thermal compound suitable for overclocking which provides a much better conductive channel to the heatsink. Afterwards we stress tested the laptop to ensure the machine operates at reasonable temps.

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You should consider to clean your Laptop or PC at least once a year. If you don’t, it may cause you problems like overheating, blue screens, slowing down and eventually dying.

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When your laptop gets dirty and dusty inside, the dust that collects forms a “blanket” over the exhaust grills, stopping the fan from pulling in cold air and pushing out the hot air coming from the processor. This is the result – see pictures below for before / after shots. Dirty dusty overheating laptop.

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This iPhone had very bad day, came in after being dropped in the sea. Once we got our hands on it, we realised this one was going to be a bit of a challenge. But we don’t take NO for answer. Problem: iPhone 4s liquid damage After hours of cleaning and replacing some parts “voila”. iPhone is working.   Come to us for iPhone 4s liquid damage repair in brighton

Customer brought an iPhone 5 that stopped charging all of a sudden. The iPhone 5 would not sync, not charge, and wasn’t being recognised on iTunes. We carried out our diagnosis, and discovered the charging dock was faulty.   Problem: iPhone 5 charging unit / lightning dock replacement During dock change. Testing in progress After the docking unit had been replaced, the iPhone was working / charging and syncing with iTunes perfectly. Another happy customer.  

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MacBook 13 white unibody screen replacement. At Laptop Doctor in Brighton, we keep screens for the MacBook white unibody in stock at all times, and can usually have it replaced on the same day, and get your laptop back to working condition. Call us for a quote. Before: MacBook 13″ unibody with broken screen. After: Lucky for customer…. Screen in stock as usual :). Ready for collection within an hour.     Problem solved: MacBook 13″ unibody broken screen replacement in Brighton

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Problem: iPad volume button repair volume up down not working Have you just droped your beloved iPad? And you can’t get that damn volume button working anymore? NO WORRIES!!! We are here to solve your problem. Just leave it to us and magic will happen ;) Before Customer dropped iPad, and the volume button stop responding when pressed.                           After iPad carefully opened and the button fixed. Voila…. It’s working again ;) No signs of damage.            

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A customer came in today with a smashed iPhone 5 glass front. He had been quoted £180 from apple, and didn’t want to pay over her odds for it, and definitely did not want to lose his data. We were able to rescue his phone and data and have him back on the road in less than an hour. Before & After… Problem solved: iPhone 5 broken screen replacement glass front

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iPhone 3GS dark screen repair. Laptop Doctor In Brighton keeps IPhone3gs Screens and digitisers in stock at all times, and can have your Iphone screen replaced on the same day. Before: iPhone 3GS with very dark screen, very hard to see anything on the screen. After: New screen installed and iPhone is easy to use again.   Issue solved today: iPhone 3GS display dark replacement for new display needed – Brighton Iphone repairs

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iPhone 4 broken screen replacement. Laptop Doctor In Brighton keeps Iphone 4 Screens and digitisers in stock at all times, and can have your Iphone screen replaced on the same day. Before: iPhone 4 with broken screen. After: Just under an hour – all fixed and working ;)

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