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Smartphone Repair

Our skilled engineers are very good at performing Mobile Phone repairs in Brighton. With a vast wealth of knowledge and experience, there isn't much that we can't do. From new iPhone's to all the various Android phones out, there aren't many things we can't fix, and if we are unable to fix then often there is no charge.
We are proficient with all repairs from screen replacement to changing out ports and fixing software. Continued underneath is a list of the many services we offer, with more specific device information underneath:

Screen Replacement
Battery Replacement 
Button Repair
DC Socket Repair/Replacement
Data Recovery
Operating System/Software Fix
Phone Unlocking
Camera Replacement
Liquid Damage Treatment

Although, due to the current variation of phones out there, we have divided the sections for Mobile Phone repair into the following categories. For more information, simply pick the category that applies to you.

Apple iPhone Repairs

Mobile Phone Repairs Brighton

Samsung Phone Repairs

Samsung Repair Brighton

Android and Windows phone screen repairs

Replace screens on all type of Android and Windows based phones

Other mobile phone repairs

Change any faulty or damaged parts in mobile phonesCharging unit replacementLiquid damage treatmentAudio socket replacementHome button replacementVolume button replacementPower button replacementContact us for our pricesFollow us on Facebook for more Repairs, Reviews and Special Offers at Laptop Doctor Brighton

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