Apple iPhone Repair

We provide all iPhone Repair Services in Brighton.
Since 2007 Apple's iPhone has proved to be extremely popular, with each new model adding new features and abilities. As great as these devices are, they can be equally frustrating when they are not working correctly. Having issues with your iPhone? Please pop into our store to take advantage of our iPhone Repair Brighton.
iPhone Repair Brighton

Diagnosis Service

If you are unsure what is wrong with your phone we can book it in for diagnosis. Diagnosis incurs a £20 Fee, although this fee is then taken off the final cost of any repairs that are proceeded with.

Screen Replacement

We can provide screen replacement for any and all iPhone models. Although the prices vary between models so in order to get an accurate quote visit us with your device. We offer also compatible or original quality screens to keep the repair as affordable as possible.

Charge Port Replacement

Do you find your iPhone only charges at certain angles or not at all? This can often be remedied by changing the charging port. Our prices for this are extremely reasonable, although they do vary from model to model. The best thing to do would be pop into the store with the device.

Button Replacement

We can also replace any buttons you may be having issues with, for example the Home or Volume buttons. Depending on the iPhone model and part replaced, this cost can vary. So it's best to bring the device for us to see.

Battery Replacement

iPhone' battery barely lasting the day? Sudden drops in battery percentage? If this is the case, you could likely benefit from replacing the battery. With 2 options of compatible or original quality, we offer very reasonable prices for iPhone battery replacement.

OS Installation/Software Repairs

Sometimes iPhone's can have issues without having any faulty parts in. Caused by software updates that haven't completed properly or corrupt files. We can take a look at any software issue and if it is fixable we can fix it. If we are unable to fix the device there is nothing to pay.

Liquid Damage Treatment

Spilt drink on your phone or dropped it in the bath? No Problem! For a reasonable price we can attempt liquid damage treatment in order to see if the phone is salvageable. With no fix no fee there's very little risk involved for iPhone Liquid Damage Treatment.

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