Tablet Repair Brighton

Tablets have grown in popularity in the past decade. Much like phones but bigger, our engineers are fully capable of dealing with the majority of tablets out there. Sometimes accidents may happen and leave you looking for Tablet Repair Brighton. In these times, the best course of action is to visit Laptop Doctor.

From smashed screens and dead batteries to broken charging ports, there aren’t many problems we haven’t solved. In the same way as with most devices, if you are unsure what the issue is we can diagnose the device for a small diagnosis fee which comes off the final cost of repair. If we are unable to fix the device, then this fee is returned to you.

Tablet Repair Brighton

iPad Repair

Samsung Repair


Microsoft Surface


If you have a Microsoft Surface, these can be quite different to the average tablet. If this is what you have, please check out our dedicated page at Microsoft Surface Repairs.




We see a lot of different tablets in store here, so if yours is not listed or mentioned, do not feel disheartened. Our engineers are happy to look at most devices, so why not pop in store today?


Screen Replacement


Charge Port Replacement


Button Replacement


Other Port Replacement


OS Installation/Software Repairs


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