Sony PlayStation Repairs Brighton

One of the best consoles on the market. The PlayStation 4 has made its way into peoples home as more than just a games console. Whilst it is a great console they are not made to last forever. As a result you may find yourself looking for PlayStation Repairs Brighton. Come to Laptop Doctor where there’s not much our engineers haven’t worked on. From HDMI port replacement to Physical Deep Cleans for overheating machines there’s not much we cant do.

PlayStation Console Repairs Brighton​

Sometimes people that are comfortable with technology perform their own laptop and computer repairs. This is extremely ill-advised when working with the PlayStation as they contain very sensitive electronics. These are very easy to damage. If you are having troubles with your PlayStation bring it to us where we can diagnose and quote for repair.

We are also happy to look at the older consoles. This may be uneconomical to repair in some cases. But if your device has sentimental value to it, we’re happy to work on it.

Nintendo Repairs Brighton

PlayStation VR Headsets​

PlayStation Repairs Brighton

We’re also happy to look at the new PS4 VR headsets. If you are experiencing any problems with this device, bring it to Laptop Doctor for diagnosis and repair. These devices are fairly new, having been released in 2016. As a result, may not have easily available parts, but we will do what we can.

To see some examples of our previous repairs, please feel free to check out our Facebook Page or check out our Recent Repairs page