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Customer brought an iPhone 5 that stopped charging all of a sudden. The iPhone 5 would not sync, not charge, and wasn’t being recognised on iTunes. We carried out our diagnosis, and discovered the charging dock was faulty.   Problem: iPhone 5 charging unit / lightning dock replacement During dock change. Testing in progress After the docking unit had been replaced, the iPhone was working / charging and syncing with iTunes perfectly. Another happy customer.  

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A customer came in today with a smashed iPhone 5 glass front. He had been quoted £180 from apple, and didn’t want to pay over her odds for it, and definitely did not want to lose his data. We were able to rescue his phone and data and have him back on the road in less than an hour. Before & After… Problem solved: iPhone 5 broken screen replacement glass front

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iPhone 5 broken screen replacement. Laptop Doctor In Brighton keeps Iphone 5 Screens and digitisers in stock at all times, and can have your Iphone screen replaced on the same day. Before: Sad customer comes to our shop with very broken screen of iPhone 5. Luckily for her, we are able to fix it for her in just few hours. After: iPhone 5 beautiful again after only 2 hours. And we are happy to see smile on our customer’s face.

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Look at this poor broken iphone 5 – he’s got a bad case of smashed screen-ness!! This is not right way to treat your phone (especially an iPhone 5). But these things do happen every now and then. Luckily for our customer today, he came to us and we were able to fix his Iphone 5 and replace the lcd, glass & top cover. Remember – if you want the best service, you have to come to the best… Laptop Doctor – here for you when you need us! And we’re fast! Left: before (broken screen) Right: After (replaced screen)

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