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When your laptop gets dirty and dusty inside, the dust that collects forms a “blanket” over the exhaust grills, stopping the fan from pulling in cold air and pushing out the hot air coming from the processor. This is the result – see pictures below for before / after shots. Dirty dusty overheating laptop.

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MacBook 13 white unibody screen replacement. At Laptop Doctor in Brighton, we keep screens for the MacBook white unibody in stock at all times, and can usually have it replaced on the same day, and get your laptop back to working condition. Call us for a quote. Before: MacBook 13″ unibody with broken screen. After: Lucky for customer…. Screen in stock as usual :). Ready for collection within an hour.     Problem solved: MacBook 13″ unibody broken screen replacement in Brighton

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Macbook pro 13″ unibody – broken screen replacement. At Laptop doctor we keep these screens in stock, and can replace the broken screen on your MacBook Pro for a new one and have you back up and running very quickly. Before: MacBook Pro 13″ with smashed screen. After: As we have most screens in stock, this MacBook Pro was with his owner the same day :) Another happy customer.

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We had an old-style Macbook Pro come in for a visit today. It looked very ill on first sight, but after further diagnosis and a bit of TLC, Dr.Martin managed to repair this Macbook Pro. Now the MacBook Pro is healthy and working like a steam engine running on nuclear energy!!

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  A classic water-damaged laptop. – Liquid spilled on laptop – Apple quoted customer £850 to fix it (H-H-H-H-H-HOW MUCH?????) – Customer almost gave up hope – We did some magic, and brought it back to life – We put the motherboard through our special liquid treatment process….. … and then there was light! Another save… Another laptop brought back to life… Another happy customer (didn’t have to waste money on a new laptop)… Another score for Laptop Doctor. DON’T SPILL LIQUID ON YOUR LAPTOP! THEY DON’T LIKE WATER! However, mistakes happen. If you’re unlucky enough to have sent your laptop for a swim, bring it in to Laptop Doctor …

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