15.6″ led screen replacement for Asus – broken screen

Asus broken screen replacement.
At Laptop doctor we keep asus screens in stock, and can replace the broken screen on your Asus laptop for a new one and have you back up and running very quickly.

It came in with a smashed screen.
You can see dark patches on the surface where breakage has occurred inside the broken screen.


30 minutes later, a new screen has been installed and laptop working fine again.
We keep most screens in stock, and we carry put all repairs in-house at our brighton store on queens road, so the turnaround is quite fast.


Toshiba hinge replacement – broken hinges – screen image flickering

Customer came with toshiba laptop with a very wobbly lid, and complaints of the screen flickering at times.

Upon further inspection, we discovered the internal hinges that hold the lid, screen and bezel to the chassis had snapped and broken, as can be seen in the images below.

This had also caused the flex cable (connecting the screen to the motherboard) to come loose, causing the screen flicker.

Hinges were replaced with new ones, a bit of a cleanup inside and with repair and now it’s nice and everything is hunky-dory again.

The lid holds firmly and the screen no longer flickers, and the customer is very happy now.
Laptop doctor comes to the rescue once again.


Remember, we carry out all repairs in-store in our Brighton store on queens road, so our repairs are fast and efficient, and we don’t keep you waiting for weeks on end.

10.1″ screen replacement acer aspire one – broken screen

Acer aspire netbook 10.1″ – broken screen replacement.
At Laptop doctor we keep netbook screens in stock, and can replace the broken screen on your Acer netbook for a new one and have you back up and running very quickly.

Customer came with beautiful little acer aspire one with a broken screen.


Less than 30 minutes and laptop has a new screen and its new face ;) (yes, we loved “face off” with John Travolta).

We have most screens in stock at all times in our brighton store on queens road, and our repairs are fast, easy and reasonably priced.


iPhone 4s front replacement – broken screen digitiser

iPhone 4S broken screen replacement.
Laptop Doctor In Brighton keeps IPhone 4S Screens and digitisers in stock at all times, and can have your Iphone screen replaced on the same day.

Customer came with broken front glass digitiser on iPhone 4S.
Phone looked like this (shock horror broken IPhone 4S)


An hour later (and a bit of tlc), the Phone 4s was restores to its former glory and a replacement screen had been fitted.

We saved our lovely customer an expensive trip to the apple shop (they quoted £180 – we charged £40), and the customer walked out with a huge smile on his face.


iPhone 5 Screen Replacement

Look at this poor broken iphone 5 – he’s got a bad case of smashed screen-ness!!

This is not right way to treat your phone (especially an iPhone 5).

But these things do happen every now and then. Luckily for our customer today, he came to us and we were able to fix his Iphone 5 and replace the lcd, glass & top cover.

Remember – if you want the best service, you have to come to the best…

Laptop Doctor – here for you when you need us! And we’re fast!

Left: before (broken screen)
Right: After (replaced screen)

iPad not charging – fix charging docking port

iPad came in with no signs of life.
Tried a hard reset and attempted direct connect to power through mains or pc, but iPad is still dead


Dock has been replaced.
New charging port / iPad dock installed and Magic hands done their work again.

iPad is alive again ;)
Customer happy :)

Good job, Dr. Barbora


iPhone 3GS buttons not responding

– iPhone 3GS not responding when home or lock button pressed
– display is just off. Connect to iTunes sign, when connected to charger
– iPhone 3GS has been dropped in water 3 months ago, but was working until now

– iPhone opened, each part checked for functionality
– liquid damage treatment applied
– lock button ribbon needs replacing and dock needs replacing

– iPhone 3GS fully functional


Deep Clean – HP DV6 fix overheating problem

This laptop came in with complaints of overheating and random shutting down while in use.

It seemed like the fan was not spinning.

We took the machine apart (yes we make it sound easy), and found the fan had become clogged up with dust, and as a result the fan motor had burnt out.

Also, the dust had got into other parts of the laptop, and was blocking the vents where air would normally escape.


We replaced the faulty laptop fan, cleaned all the dust out and replaced the worn thermal paste with new high quality Arctic MX4.

Result: cooler and happier laptop!