Repair Hardware and Software! What can we do for you?

We are very experienced with a wide range of issues and problems you may have with your device. For the best Repair Hardware and Software, visit Laptop Doctor Today!

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Hardware Issues

Is part of your machine broken? Maybe a cracked screen or missing keys? Spilled a drink on your laptop? Not a problem for our professional engineers, from replacing screens and keyboards to liquid damage treatment, there’s not much they can’t do.

If your device has an issue that you don’t know the reason for pop into our store and simply book in for diagnosis, the engineers will check the device and any issues you describe and will get back to you with a quote for repair.

There is a fee that varies between types of machine due to the time it takes to diagnose the device but this fee comes off the cost of any repairs that are proceeded with, and if the device cant be fixed that fee will be refunded

Deep Clean - Physical

Machine getting hotter than expected? If so there may be a lot of dirt and debris that has built up inside the machine. Our Deep Clean service entails an engineer cleaning the inside of the machine. As well as replacing the thermal paste on any heat-sinks to ensure the machine runs as it should.

This is one of our most popular Repair Hardware and Software Services.

Laptop and Computer Repair Brighton

Screen Replacement

Repair Hardware and Software Screen

Laptop Screens and mobile phone screens are incredibly sensitive, and despite taking care of our precious phones & laptops, accidents happen.

If you’ve dropped your laptop and broken your screen, don’t panic – all is not lost! We’re here to help.

We keep as many screens for laptops and mobile phones in stock as possible. Meaning we can usually get your laptop or iPhone screen replaced on the same day. Our engineers change 10-15 screens a day, and are incredibly fast.

Hard Drive Failure or Replacement

The hard drive is one of the few components within a laptop that contains moving parts. They are consequently subject to “wear and tear” that can cause them to fail before most other components. They are also incredibly sensitive, a knock or bump to the machine can easily damage the drive. Which poses a threat to your valuable data.

We offer a service where we can repair or replace the drive within your laptop and recover your valuable data. We then format your laptop to as if it was new and copy your data to the Desktop.

The service we offer is incredibly flexible, if you’d like more storage we can fit a larger drive for you. If you’d like to save money, we can fit a smaller drive.

Want a drive that’s faster and tougher? Ask us about our SSD installation service or Book Online

Repair Hardware and Software

Our Warranty

When we do a physical repair, we always offer warranty with the service.
If we fit a new part (screen, keyboard, etc.) you get three months warranty against any fault the part produces.
The installation of a new HDD comes with 1-year warranty against any fault of the drive.
On software related repairs, we cannot offer any type of warranty. When we do a software service or format, we do our best to check that everything is working as expected. As well as checking the operating system works correctly etc. Although we cannot be responsible, what happens after the item leaves our shop.

Software Issues

Struggling to install programs? Does your laptop regularly freeze or crash? Our engineers can help with this to, being knowledgable on a wide range of software, you can always feel confident leaving it to them to solve any software issues you might have.

From installing software to fixing issues, we can help.

Struggling with viruses? We can help to get rid of them and give you advice on how to avoid similar problems again in the future, as well as adding antivirus software to the machine to give you peace of mind.

Whatever it is that you need, our Repair Hardware and Software Services should be able to help!