Best Data Recovery in Brighton
Hard Drive no longer showing files?

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At Laptop Doctor, we realize just how precious data is to people. Whether it's important work that has taken months to complete, or photos and videos of family moments. We have multiple in-house utilities designed to recover as much of your data as possible. If the drive has suffered excessive physical damage, it may still be recoverable. We can also offer to send the device to an external Data Recovery specialist to recover the data. Starting at £75 up to 50 GB and £150 for over 50 GB but less than 1 TB and you only pay for data recovered so if we are unable to recover any data there is no fee.Book online at Data Recovery Services Today!

Book Online to Save Time Today!

Using our online booking service you can simply order the product online let us know when you'd like to drop the device in and then once it's with us our engineers will start the recovery process. Depending on the size of the drive and the damage to it this process can take some time but as soon as our engineers have recovered data we will be in touch to request a device to transfer the data onto, or we can supply one for additional charge.For the best data recovery in Brighton, visit us today!
Lost your data when you smashed your phone?

Best Phone and Tablet Data Recovery in Brighton

Did you smash your phone or tablet and still want to get the data off the device? Not a problem for our highly capable engineers, with no charge if no data is recovered there is nothing to lose!

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