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iPad volume button repair volume up down not working

Problem: iPad volume button repair volume up down not working Have¬†you just droped your beloved iPad? And you can’t get that damn volume button working anymore? NO WORRIES!!! We are here to solve your problem. Just leave it to us and magic will happen ;) Before Customer dropped iPad, and the volume button stop responding when pressed.                           After iPad carefully opened and the button fixed. Voila…. It’s working again ;) No signs of damage.            

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iPhone 3GS buttons not responding

Before: – iPhone 3GS not responding when home or lock button pressed – display is just off. Connect to iTunes sign, when connected to charger – iPhone 3GS has been dropped in water 3 months ago, but was working until now Process: – iPhone opened, each part checked for functionality – liquid damage treatment applied – lock button ribbon needs replacing and dock needs replacing After: – iPhone 3GS fully functional

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