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Before: Customer came complaining the fan of his Sony Vaio is making lot of noise. Process: We opened the laptop and found very fine carpet of dust. It looks very innocent, but it causes overheating and loud noise from the fan. And also it causes the coolant on the processor and graphic chip to harden and even more overheating. After: We cleaned the fan and disposed hardened coolant from the chips and heatsink, applied new coolant, assembled all back again, tested and voila. All nice and quiet, running perfectly again.

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Sony vaio 15.6″ – broken screen replacement. At Laptop doctor we keep Sony screens in stock, and can replace the broken screen on your Sony laptop for a new one and have you up and running very quickly. Before: Pretty smashed Sony Vaio 15.6″ screen. Laptop is not usable at all. After: As usual… Screen changed very next day as we keep most screen types in stock.

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Customer brought a laptop in pieces where he had tried to change the keyboard himself (bad idea). Unfortunately he messed it up and broke off the clips for the ribbon that connects the daughterboard and motherboard, and ended up with a £999 pile of plastic, metal and silicone! Luckily for him, his friend brought him in to us, and we managed to rescue his laptop. Moral of the story… DON’T MESS WITH THINGS YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND. LEAVE IT TO THE PROFESSIONALS OTHERWISE YOU MAY END UP SPENDING MORE THAN YOU TRIED TO SAVE. Before:     AFTER:   Come to us for Sony vaio keyboard replacement in brighton

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