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Screen replacement – Dell Inspiron N5030

There are lots of things that can spoil your day. My personal worst / “best” is Monday morning at work – always 5 more days till weekend left.

Obviously, not everyone has such trivial issues. For others there are black cats, broken mirrors, Fridays the 13th or broken screens. As the first three may be dictated by puuuure destiny the last one is governed by the powerful Murphy’s laws :

– If anything can go wrong, it will at the most unfortunate time.

– If there is a possibility of several things going wrong, the one that will cause the most damage will be the one to go wrong.

– Summing all up –  happens.

Now, just read from the unfortunate customer:

” So, Monday started well. Boiler cooperated with delivery of hot water in the morning, a toast fell down but with the buttered side up (still ate it), bacon didn’t get scorched, my girlfriend said I had been a hero last night, she smiled and gave me an extra portion of beans and sausages. I was checking my emails and news on my laptop. You simply have to agree, the perfect morning ! Then I got up to get more juice, I slipped on a single bean from the breakfast, left over on the floor, waived my arms to catch balance, caught the table but on the way hit the fork edging on my plate. The fork flew up and a little bit across, doing loops and swings and twists and … hit the screen of my laptop ! “

We took the laptop in for screen replacement and that’s what it looked like:


( At that time we were considering to advise everyone about dangers of using cutlery in close proximity of laptops. We decided to put our minds towards saving disadvantaged Yetis in Himalayas though. Maybe blurry pictures now, but later on we’ll be the first ones to mend their computers.)

Then, we gathered together, waived our hands over the damaged laptop, 4 of us working at Laptop Doctor, all dressed in long, black, hooded cloaks and we enchanted : Abracadabra – Sim Sim Sala Bim – Hocus Pocus (for all new to the Art: we have never held our hands, no wands used and repeated the enchantment 4 times only) and we repaired the screen ! Here it is for you to see and judge:


Now, now. If you ever believed a single word I wrote about how we fixed the screen, it means you think Harry Potter is real and you should definitely wait for Santa Clause this year :)

For the realistic ones – such damage to any screen CANNOT be repaired. The whole screen has to be replaced. We received the laptop in the morning, replaced the screen and had the laptop (as always with complementary cleaning of outside of the computer, palmrest and outside of the keyboard) ready for the customer in the afternoon. Same day repair, just a couple of hours ! :) Call it expertise and experience and we can only humbly agree.

We cannot defy the Murphy’s Laws but we can repair their effects quickly and efficiently !

But you always have a choice… Harry Potter or Laptop Doctor … :)


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