Laptop and Computer Repairs

If you want your laptop repaired professionally, come to us.
We do the job right – every time.

Virus and Malware Removal

We specialize in virus removal & malware detection. Sometimes when browsing the internet, it is possible to get a virus by clicking on the wrong button, or inadvertently downloading a virus / malware application without realizing.

Some less reputable websites also have hidden viruses that install themselves when you visit the website, especially if you don’t have a good, commercial anti-virus installed (or if you have not updated your anti-virus).

Often this is not your fault as a user, but stop you from being able to use your computer, and can cause you to lose money and time.

Bring your laptop to us – We are very good at removing viruses and malware, and making sure your laptop functions properly.

Operating System Re-installation – Windows / Linux / Mac

If your computer has failed to start, or will not boot into the operating system (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux), it is possible that the software has been corrupted for a variety of reasons.

Often this can be caused by hardware failures (ram, hard drive, etc), but more often than not, it is caused by a corrupted file or a program that has been installed / updated recently (Microsoft Windows updates are notorious for causing blue screens – often known as BSOD or blue screen of death).

We can run diagnostics on your laptop or computer to determine where the fault lies – we can diagnose the fault and find out if the fault is caused by the hardware or software. Once we complete our diagnosis, we can fix the fault and get your computer working and help you get back to work or just enjoying browsing the web on your favorite browser again.

Deep Clean – Physical

Machine getting hotter than expected? If this is the case there may be a large amount of dirt and debris that has built up inside the machine. Our deep clean service entails an engineer cleaning the inside of the machine as well as replacing the thermal paste on any heat-sinks to ensure the machine runs as it should.

Screen Replacement

Laptop Screens and mobile phone screens are incredibly sensitive, and despite taking care of our precious phones & laptops, accidents happen.

If you’ve dropped your laptop and broken your screen, don’t panic – all is not lost! We’re here to help.

We keep most screens for laptops and mobile phones in stock at all times, and can usually get your laptop or iPhone screen replaced on the same day – our engineers change 10-15 screens a day, and are incredibly fast.

Hard Drive Failure or Replacement

The hard drive is one of the only components within a laptop that contains moving parts. They are consequently subject to “wear and tear” that can cause them to fail before most other components within a laptop. They are also incredibly sensitive, a knock or bump to the machine can easily damage the drive, posing a threat to your valuable data.

We offer a service where we can repair or replace the drive within your laptop and recover your valuable data. We then restore your laptop to factory settings as if it was fresh out of the box and copy your data in a convenient, easy to locate place. Do you own paid programs such as Microsoft office or Adobe Photoshop? No problem, provide us with the licence you were given when you purchased the software and we shall install it for no extra cost.

The service we offer is incredibly flexible, if you’d like more storage space we can fit a larger drive for you, if you’d like to save money we can fit a smaller drive. We can also recover as much or as little data as you wish, just tell us the important files that you need and we’ll take it from there.

Want a drive that’s faster and tougher? Ask us about our SSD installation service.

Data Recovery

At Laptop Doctor we realize just how precious data is to people, whether is important work that has taken months to complete, or photos and videos of family moments. We have multiple in-house utilities designed to recover as much of your data as possible. If the drive has suffered excessive physical damage, we also offer a service where the drive is sent to an external clean room to recover the data.

Liquid Damage Treatment

Accidents happen, whether its a glass of wine over the keyboard or your phone has taken an unexpected swim. Our engineers are very experienced with repairing liquid damage, and we have professional equipment and solvents to remove contaminants and prevent further damage. The most important thing is that you bring us your device as quickly as possible, as this will greatly increase the chance that it can be returned to a fully operational state.

Keyboard Replacement

If only a small amount of liquid has been spilled on the machine in many cases it can be made fully operational by replacing the keyboard. We can replace any brand and model of keyboard and ensure that it has the same layout (e.g. UK, US, FR) as your previous one. We can also replace broken or missing keys.

DC Socket Repair/Replacement

The DC socket is where your charger plugs into the side of your laptop. Sometimes the repeated plugging/unplugging and movement of the cable causes the socket to flex and bend until eventually it can lose contact with the motherboard. As a result, when the charger is plugged in the indication light may not turn on, or it may only show when the charger is held at a specific angle.

We can repair and replace DC sockets on all makes of laptops to solve this issue. Often the cheapest option for the customer is to repair the socket, so we try this first and perform rigorous testing to ensure durability. in some cases the socket may be damaged beyond repair, and we must replace it.

We keep most brands of socket in stock ready for fitting meaning the repair process is surprisingly quick. In the rare event we do not have the socket in stock, we can get it within a few business days and return your laptop back to normal functionality.

Our Warranty

When we do a repair, we always offer warranty with the service.
If we fit a new part (screen, keyboard, etc.) we give you three months warranty against any fault the part produces on its own.
The installation of a new HDD comes with 1 year warranty against any fault of the drive.
On software related repairs we cannot offer any type of warranty. When we do a virus removal service or re-installation of the operating system, we make sure every virus is removed from the affected laptop, the operating system works perfectly, but we cannot be responsible what happens after the item leaves our shop.