Canon EOS 1000D sd card slot replacement

Interesting case here. Customer walked in with a beautiful Canon EOS 1000D that wouldn’t take pictures.

Kept showing an error saying Memory card locked (presumably the SD card).

Was quite expensive on purchase, so the customer really wanted to get it fixed, rather than have to buy a new camera.

We diagnosed it and found it to be a faulty SD card slot, and needed to be replaced.


Job: Replace Canon EOS 1000D sd card slot replacement.


Before and after pics below.




Land Rover Car Key Repair

A very distressed customer visited our store recently with a damaged car key for his Land Rover. He couldn’t get in car on time for very important meeting. A quick dis-assemble showed that unlock button is broken, in couple of minutes our experienced engineer managed to source spare button. A couple of well-aimed drops of solder and key was ready to go. Another happy customer.




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Jawbone jambox repairing broken charging socket

Customer brought beautiful red jawbone jambox to us with broken charging micro USB socket. Speaker is useless without this part working.



Happy jawbone jambox is happily charging :) after us repairing the micro USB by soldering it to the board.




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