Acer laptop – overheating

Customer came to us with his machine getting very hot and cutting off.
Reason being over time laptops pull in quite a lot of dust – and it gets trapped around the heatsinks and fan.


Also the thermal paste laptop manufactures tend to use is very cheap – as a result its not too effective long term and dries out quickly. We clean out this old paste and reapply Arctic Cooling’s MX-4 which is high performance thermal compound suitable for overclocking which provides a much better conductive channel to the heatsink.

Afterwards we stress tested the laptop to ensure the machine operates at reasonable temps.



Canon EOS 1000D sd card slot replacement

Interesting case here. Customer walked in with a beautiful Canon EOS 1000D that wouldn’t take pictures.

Kept showing an error saying Memory card locked (presumably the SD card).

Was quite expensive on purchase, so the customer really wanted to get it fixed, rather than have to buy a new camera.

We diagnosed it and found it to be a faulty SD card slot, and needed to be replaced.


Job: Replace Canon EOS 1000D sd card slot replacement.


Before and after pics below.




Dirty dusty overheating laptop

When your laptop gets dirty and dusty inside, the dust that collects forms a “blanket” over the exhaust grills, stopping the fan from pulling in cold air and pushing out the hot air coming from the processor.

This is the result – see pictures below for before / after shots.

Dirty dusty overheating laptop.

Dusty laptop Overheating laptop deep clean

iPhone 5 broken screen replacement glass front

A customer came in today with a smashed iPhone 5 glass front.
He had been quoted £180 from apple, and didn’t want to pay over her odds for it, and definitely did not want to lose his data.

We were able to rescue his phone and data and have him back on the road in less than an hour.

Before & After…


Problem solved: iPhone 5 broken screen replacement glass front

Deep Clean – HP DV6 fix overheating problem

This laptop came in with complaints of overheating and random shutting down while in use.

It seemed like the fan was not spinning.

We took the machine apart (yes we make it sound easy), and found the fan had become clogged up with dust, and as a result the fan motor had burnt out.

Also, the dust had got into other parts of the laptop, and was blocking the vents where air would normally escape.


We replaced the faulty laptop fan, cleaned all the dust out and replaced the worn thermal paste with new high quality Arctic MX4.

Result: cooler and happier laptop!

iPhone 4S liquid damage/screen replacement

This iPhone had an accident with a bottle of purfume in a bag.

Opened up and found a lot of liquid between the LCD and central frame. Luckily the logic board seems to of escaped most of the liquid.

Cleaned out and replaced the front assembly. Powered on and tested, luckily all seems to be fine.




Deep clean – Alienware Gaming Laptop

Very important that your laptop doesn’t overheat – especially with machines such as this!

Picture shows a build up of dust inside the heatsink/fan area. This build up creates a blanket over the heat dissipation area. All cleaned out, fans greased up and cleaned and new thermal paste applied to help conductivity.

Afterwards stress tested and monitored temperatures to ensure the deep clean was effective.

Result: Happy laptop!



Iphone broken screen – iPhone 4 screen repair

iPhone 4s broken screen replacement.
Laptop Doctor In Brighton keeps IPhone 4S Screens and digitisers in stock at all times, and can have your Iphone screen replaced on the same day.

….. then we did some magic…..
… and the iPhone 4 is beautiful again :)
… and another happy customer ! :)