Month: September 2014

A very distressed customer visited our store recently with a damaged car key for his Land Rover. He couldn’t get in car on time for very important meeting. A quick dis-assemble showed that unlock button is broken, in couple of minutes our experienced engineer managed to source spare button. A couple of well-aimed drops of solder and key was ready to go. Another happy customer.   Come to us for Land Rover Car Key Repair in Brighton

This iPhone had very bad day, came in after being dropped in the sea. Once we got our hands on it, we realised this one was going to be a bit of a challenge. But we don’t take NO for answer. Problem: iPhone 4s liquid damage After hours of cleaning and replacing some parts “voila”. iPhone is working.   Come to us for iPhone 4s liquid damage repair in brighton

Customer brought an iPhone 5 that stopped charging all of a sudden. The iPhone 5 would not sync, not charge, and wasn’t being recognised on iTunes. We carried out our diagnosis, and discovered the charging dock was faulty.   Problem: iPhone 5 charging unit / lightning dock replacement During dock change. Testing in progress After the docking unit had been replaced, the iPhone was working / charging and syncing with iTunes perfectly. Another happy customer.  

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