Month: August 2012

Had a customer come in today with a ‘dead’ iphone. He had already gone in to Apple, and they diagnosed it as a dead motherboard, quoting him £120 (they wanted to replace the phone for a refurb). What about his data? Pictures? Music? Calendar? Messages? He was told there was no chance of getting his data back unless he had a backup (erm… backup? what backup? hint to customers: BACK UP YOUR DATA). Understandably, the customer was devastated, but remembered we did repairs and came to us asking for some magic. We tested out the phone, and discovered his motherboard (and onboard memory) was working a-ok, and that the problem …

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It’s very important that your laptop is able to extract heat from away from the processor, hard drive, ram and the rest of the motherboard. As you can see from the pictures, the fan and heatsink are clogged up with dust, turning it into a blanket (and keeping in the heat). Imagine this heat build up over time, re-circulating inside the laptop, and you have the perfect recipe for a disaster. At Laptop Doctor, we recommend get your laptop deep cleaned at least once a year (if you want your laptop to live longer).

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  A classic water-damaged laptop. – Liquid spilled on laptop – Apple quoted customer £850 to fix it (H-H-H-H-H-HOW MUCH?????) – Customer almost gave up hope – We did some magic, and brought it back to life – We put the motherboard through our special liquid treatment process….. … and then there was light! Another save… Another laptop brought back to life… Another happy customer (didn’t have to waste money on a new laptop)… Another score for Laptop Doctor. DON’T SPILL LIQUID ON YOUR LAPTOP! THEY DON’T LIKE WATER! However, mistakes happen. If you’re unlucky enough to have sent your laptop for a swim, bring it in to Laptop Doctor …

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In most of the cases we are able to recover your data. In this case we had to replace Power Circuit Board to get Hard Drive in working condition again.

Are you having similar problems or no screen at all on your Laptop or PC, It may be your Graphics Card. We are able to repair them most of the time.

    Before   and After. voila.